Emergency Process

Even though we are not an emergency hospital, we can assist our clients with most of their emergencies when they happen during working hours.Dr. B. will take an emergency immediately, even if he is in the exam room with another patient. He will assess the problem, start emergency procedures, order the diagnostics needed, and if the patient needed extended care, he then will refer them to our sister clinic, the Animal Emergency Clinic.

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Veterinary Emergency Hospital

This new enterprise is a co-operatively owned, state-of-the-art, after-hours emergency and intensive-care facility. It is the realization of a group effort among 26 clinics in Ottawa, to give our clients and the general public the service they deserve, and the Montreal Road Animal Hospital is proud to be part of this group. It is serviced by a select personnel of its own, and it’s located in the East End of Ottawa.

Since most of our clients live in the East End, the directions are: Behind the St. Laurent Shopping Centre, there’s Coventry Road, where you will find a Best Buy and a Canadian Tire. The street that ends at Canadian Tire is Lola. The Emergency Hospital is half a block away on Lola. We will work to make what can often be a stressful visit after hours as uncomplicated and manageable as possible for both you and your pet.

Address : 1155 Lola Street , Ottawa, Ontario

Phone : 613.745.0123

Website : Website

The idea of this Hospital is to provide the same level of compassionate and personal care that we strive to provide in our own hospital. Your pet will be treated as one of our own by experienced critical-care doctors and staff, who will be responsible for meticulous continuity of care between the emergency facility and member hospitals.

The phone number of the hospital is announced via our answering machine, website, clinic newsletters, and the media. You will be asked to call this hospital in the event of an emergency after hours. Your pet will return to our clinic for ongoing care the next day, should it be required. All members of the public can use this Emergency Hospital for their pets' emergencies.

We are very pleased to be a part of this venture, and will be very happy to receive feedback from your experience there.

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