Montreal Road Animal Hospital

Amy Shannon, Part time Veterinary Assistant

Amy Shannon joined the Montreal Road Animal Hospital team in January of 2020. While she had intended to pursue her education in Veterinary Medicine, she decided instead to obtain her honours diploma in Animal Health Sciences in 2000. She wanted to work more closely with pets and pet parents by providing outstanding customer service and professional tender loving care to your pets. She strongly believes in the special bond between pets and pet parents and nurturing this bond has become the central force motivating her for many years. While working, she greatly values a high quality of standard regarding her animal health skills; she took many courses covering topics such as first aid, CPR, Zoonotic immunization, dental care, behaviour, nutrition, orthopedics, palliative and rehabilitative care. More personally, she shares her home with 3 wonderful dogs: Camelot, Bella, and Dallas. She also has 3 horses: Diego, Steele, and Duncan. They all provide her with joy and unconditional love. With all her love for animals and her professional skills, she would greatly welcome the opportunity to assist you in the care of your pets!